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What is BeitiBeitak?

BeitiBeitak is a short-term holiday rental platform, offering vacation homes, campsites and experiences for travellers throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Why BeitiBeitak?

Whether listing a home or enjoying a vacation, BeitiBeitak provides a seamless experience for all. BeitiBeitak was created specifically for the region ensuring simple payment systems, local assistance, and an appreciation for homegrown hospitality.

By using BeitiBeitak, hosts and guests will be helping support causes including community development and environmental programs through Beitna, our giving back fund.

How does Beitna work?

Each time a guest makes a booking, BeitiBeitak takes up to 10% of the service fees and directs it to Beitna. This means that simply by choosing to list your home or book with BeitiBeitak you are automatically giving back at no extra cost. Funds from Beitna are shared directly with local communities in need.

Who can I talk to for help?

We are proud to offer local support in Arabic, English and French. Please read our FAQ for more information or Contact Us.

Do you have an application?
You can download the BeitiBeitak web app to your phone and access from your phone's Home Screen. If you are on Android you can also turn push notifications on from your app. A new native App for iOS and Android will be available in the coming months.

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