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How does it work?

activity providers can list their activities and experiences, and users can discover and book them. Activity providers create detailed listings with descriptions, photos, availability, and pricing. Users can search and browse through the listings, filter based on their preferences, read reviews, and book their desired experiences directly through the platform.

What if I get a booking and I still have not completed the payout method in my profile?

Hosts who have not yet completed their payout method can still accept bookings. However, all earnings from bookings received will be accumulated and held by BeitiBeitak until the payout method is completed. Once completed, all earnings will be paid out to the host in one transaction.

What types of activities and experiences can I list?

Experience providers can list a wide range of activities and experiences on BeitiBeitak. Whether it's guided tours, outdoor adventures, cooking classes, art workshops, wellness retreats, or any other unique experience, the marketplace welcomes a variety of offerings. Providers have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and passion, making it easier for users to discover and book their experiences.

Why list an Experience on BeitiBeitak?

Listing on BeitiBeitak offers several benefits for experience providers. It provides access to a large and diverse user base actively searching for unique experiences, which can help increase exposure and reach. The marketplace offers a user-friendly platform for managing bookings, availability, and communication with customers. Additionally, marketing support and promotional opportunities are often available to help experience providers attract more bookings and grow their business.

Can I customize my listing and set my own price?

Yes, experience providers have the flexibility to customize their listings according to their preferences. They can create detailed descriptions, upload photos, set availability, and define pricing for their experiences. This allows providers to showcase the unique aspects of their offerings and tailor them to their target audience. BeitiBeitak provides the tools and resources for providers to effectively manage and update their listings.

How secure is the booking process for experience providers?

BeitiBeitak ensures a secure and reliable booking process for experience providers. The platform incorporates built-in payment systems that protect user information and transactions. Providers can trust that their customers' payments and personal details are processed securely. In case of any issues or concerns, BeitiBeitak's customer support team is available to assist and resolve queries or disputes promptly.

Can I receive feedback from customers?

Absolutely! Experience providers receive feedback from customers through the BeitiBeitak's review and rating system. Customers can share their experiences and provide valuable feedback, which helps providers understand the strengths of their offerings and areas for improvement. This feedback loop allows providers to continuously enhance their experiences and provide even better services to future customers.

Is the plaltform accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, BeitiBeitak is fully accessible on mobile devices for experience providers. The platform is optimized for smartphones and tablets, allowing providers to manage their listings, bookings, and communication on the go. The mobile-friendly interface ensures convenience and flexibility, enabling providers to efficiently run their business from anywhere at any time.

How do I get paid?

In addition to bank transfer. Hosts in Lebanon and Egypt can get paid in cash via Whish Money and Fawry.

How much fees do you charge?

BeitiBeitak charges Experience providers 12% of the booking total. Remember to account for this when you set the price for your experience.

What if I have to cancel the experience due to unexpected events?

We understand that unexpected events or situations can sometimes impact the experiences listed on BeitiBeitak. As an experience provider, if unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions, natural disasters, or unforeseeable incidents arise that may affect the scheduled experience, BeitiBeitak has implemented an automated refund process to ensure a seamless experience for both you and the customers. We encourage you to promptly communicate any changes or issues to the affected customers and work together to find suitable alternatives or rescheduling options, if applicable. Our aim is to support you in providing the best possible experience and ensuring customer satisfaction, even in challenging situations.